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Carl, C,C,C,T Davis Family

Very professional and sensitive to our needs. It's been a very good experience for my entire family, I'll definitely let everyone I know about Ms Lilley, she represent that beacon of hope ,may God bless your endeavor 

Shaun, Child Support Reduced and Legitimation for Child

My child support was set in 2017 and at the time I didn’t realize I still didn’t have any legal rights to my child. The child support amount seemed way too high and I was frustrated with the legal system. At the time I didn’t have a lawyer. I hired Ashanti and she made me see that there are people out here who will fight for you. She was compassionate and understanding about being a father in this system that seems set up for fathers to fail. She was able to get my child reduced with a modification and she also was able to get the court to order for me to be the legitimate father so I could have legal and visitation rights to my daughter. I’ve given her name to friends I know who also have legal issues and I would definitely use her if I have issues in the future.

Brandon, Criminal Defense

I hired Ashanti Lilley for a case that was already set for jury trial. Plea deal was to sign to 4 years of incarceration. I hired a lawyer before hiring Ashanti who I told the exact same story to. He told me there was nothing he could do for but go to trial. A week before trial I hired Ashanti Lilley, in a short period of time, not only did I not have to go to jury trial but all charges was either dismissed or reduced. 4 years deal turned into 75 hours community service. I am 33, I have never seen a lawyer not only work my case but acknowledge me more about my rights at the same time. Everything she said she was gone do for my case she did it. Thanks to her I have my freedom.

Alejandra, Divorce

Ashanti Lilley handled my divorce after my previous lawyer was not getting things going. As soon as I hired Ashanti, she was able to speed up the process and make progress in my case. She is a very honest, professional and knowledgeable lawyer, I highly recommend her!

Antonio, Felony Conviction Removed

I was previously convicted of felony robbery and possession of a firearm charges and I served 6 years in prison for that conviction. At the time I didn’t use first offender. Ms.Lilley represented me for a retro first offender act so that first offender could be applied to my case even though my sentence was completed several years ago. She handled my case in a professional manner. I was confident in hiring her from reading her reviews. The reassurance her other clients had in her solidified my decision in hiring her. She was able to get the Retro first offender approved by a judge and able to get my convictions discharged and completely off my record. Having a clean record is invaluable to me. I’m so thankful for her service.

Erica, Best Ever

I contacted and the office of Ashanti Lilley for assistamce with a cps custody case. She answered all of my questions honestly amd openly and made me feel comfortable from the first meeting. She got all relevant information to my case and presented nothing but facts in the court room. Not only did she get the cps case dropped but I got immediate custody of my daughter. I went into the courtroom with full confidence amd assurance. Listening to her in the courtroom was unbelievable, and she left no stone unturned. I wish I could give her 10 stars. I will be forever grateful for her. 

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